A Moment for Fashion, with Participant Brittany!

Program director Jamie with Brittany, looking super chic, before the dinner/dance Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Program director Jamie with Brittany, looking super chic, before the dinner/dance Memorial Day Weekend 2012

You can probably tell by our past blog posts that one of the many things we all look forward to at LiveUp is the dinner/dance! We dress up and everyone has a great time! But what to wear? Let’s turn to our resident fashion expert Brittany, who is joining us this weekend! Brittany has some words of wisdom about fashion and style:

Today I wore a red, orange and yellow sundress with a short red jacket over it and red shoes, to my Day Hab program here on Long Island. There was no special reason why I got so dressed today, but looking my best makes me feel pretty. Everyone has their own sense of style that makes them happy. You should wear what makes you feel good, whatever that is! The elements that make up my style include the colors black and red, and yellow and white. I also wear a lot of cheetah prints, hats, and scarves of all colors. Large sunglasses complete my look!

Black and red are my favorite colors. I love them because they remind me of my favorite TV show, “Glee”. Black and red are the colors of the Warblers, the singing group of Dalton Academy. I would love to go there, but it is on TV and it is an all boy’s school!!The jackets they wore were black with red piping, and they looked amazing. Their mascot, Pavarotti, was a canary and my second favorite colors, yellow and white, come from his feathers. My favorite sundress is yellow and white and I wore it all summer.

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T-10 Days to LiveUp D.C!

Brian at LiveUp Philly, earlier this summer

Brian (right) at LiveUp Philly, earlier this summer

We are just days away from LiveUp DC…and we are PUMPED! LiveUp founder (and former DC program director) Brian shares his excitement for this Labor Day Weekend.
It’s hard to believe that LiveUp DC is approaching in T-10 days! I cannot express how excited Jenna, Dan, Jamie, Rich, and I are to be hosting our 3rd year of this incredible program.
After having successfully completed programs in San Diego and Philadelphia earlier in the year, there is no better place than Washington D.C. to wrap up our 2013 programming.  When I think of LiveUp D.C., I think about everlasting friendships, ridiculous dance parties at FireStation 1, volunteering at Red Wiggler Farm, Shakespeare theater, exploring the mall and monuments, FUN, and the best time of my life.

Why do we love LiveUp?

Laura and her participant Monica

Laura and her participant Monica

Laura has been a member of the LiveUp family since the very start! We’re so excited for LiveUp DC…and we know Laura is too! We asked her to share her story:

When asked why I’m looking forward to LiveUp, tons of thoughts come rushing into my head: seeing old friends, making new ones, spending time with people who inspire me and help me to become a better person, being a mentor, learning new skills (such as acting, cooking, or maybe even constructing another picnic table!), and most of all because it’s one of the BEST weekends of my life.

But what makes LiveUp the best weekend ever? It’s not simply connecting with old friends and meeting new ones. It’s creating life-long bonds with people who’ve seen you at your best and helped you overcome your worst. It’s staying up late to hear another story, even when you know you shouldn’t. It’s wearing neon sunglasses and learning crazy dance moves from your roommates. It’s the contagious smiles and the laughter; it’s the cheers from an encouraging friend and the ”Yes!” you overhear after someone accomplishes a goal. It’s knowing that you’re making a difference in someone’s life. It’s knowing that a group of people who were once strangers have suddenly changed your life forever.

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Meet LiveUp San Diego participant: Ashley!

Ashley with her mentor Terra at the Farmer's Market in San Diego

Ashley with her mentor Terra at the Farmer’s Market in San Diego

As you may have noticed, we had an amazing time in San Diego earlier this summer…it’s been nearly 2 months and it’s still on our minds! As we’re counting down to LiveUp DC, let’s hear from Ashley, a participant at LiveUp San Diego! Take it away, Ashley…

I am Ashley High and I went to LiveUp in San Diego in June. I am 23. I really love LiveUp, everyone was so nice, they taught me about being independent, how to manage my money, how to cook, all these neat things. And we did tons of fun things too. We went sailing, to the beach, and kayaking. We also went to the farmers market and we had frozen yogurt. Everything was super. LiveUp was so much fun and I will be back next summer!

Love, Ashley

LiveUp has a “mile high” of fun at the NDSC in Denver

Jenna and Josh find familiar faces at NDSC!

Jenna and Josh bump in to the Chaplins and the Highs at NDSC!

This past weekend, members of the LiveUp community traveled to Denver, Colorado for the National Down Syndrome Congress’ annual convention.  We learned a lot, made new friends, and  saw familiar faces.

The NDSC is always a highlight of our year.  It’s one of the best opportunities to reflect on what our LiveUp community has accomplished in the past year and where we can go in the future. We have some great ideas for what the next year might have in store, so stay tuned!
Bye from Denver!

~The LiveUp team

Meet a participant’s parent!

The mother/daughter duo

The mother/daughter duo

You met one of our awesome participants, Melissa, now it’s time to meet her mom!

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! My daughter Melissa Mann spent Memorial Day weekend in Philadelphia participating in the LiveUp Program. Anxious yet very excited, she boarded a plane in Portland, Maine and flew to meet her counselors and friends. Carly and Kerri were there waiting for her and the weekend began. The events included cooking, exercising, visitations to extraordinary places in Philadelphia and networking with counselors and friends. Melissa loved it all. The weekend reinforces confidence in her capabilities and broadens her knowledge of opportunities. Words cannot express the commitment and compassion the staff exhibits. They are truly one of a kind! The last day at closing ceremonies Melissa is always ready to make a speech, and this is where you can hear the true spirit of the LiveUp Program.

Raj recaps the fun at LiveUp SD!

raj photoWe met Raj back in April. Now that the first LiveUp San Diego program is over, he shares the experience:

People have been asking me how  LiveUp San Diego was and the one word that keeps coming to mind is awesome!

As you guys know, this was our first year doing a program in California, and oh, did we do it California style! The weather was beautiful, the food was fresh, and the trips around the beach city of San Diego were refreshing. Point Loma was the perfect launching pad for visits to the world famous Balboa Park where we rode the tram and to the beach where we went sailing and had a picnic. It was also a great spot to have our improv class – we had quite a few really television-ready actors among us! The end of the program dance was really something, from group dances to individual choreographed dance; one of my favorite travel memories for sure.
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