Meet a participant’s parent!

Jeremy at LiveUp DC during Labor Day Weekend

Jeremy at LiveUp DC during Labor Day Weekend

Jeremy has been part of LiveUp for as long as we’ve been around! So we were thrilled when his mom offered to share her story…

Jeremy has been attending LiveUp since it was established a few years ago.  For him it is about seeing his friends again – particularly the mentors he has had an opportunity to get to know.  For me, it is about his maturity, independence, and his ability to create lifelong friendships. 

In today’s world it seems like many of our children graduate from high school and the “typically developing”  friends they had there, and that they saw every day, go on to college or full-time jobs and our kids are left to work part time and perhaps attend an adult day training center – but it is a loss for them not to see these high school friends.  One of the great things about LiveUp is that Jeremy has been able to forge new friendships with both mentors and mentees.  He now has something to look forward to each year when he goes back to LiveUp Programs.  And he is able to stay in touch with many of these new friends through Facebook and email. Using social media to stay in touch has been a wonderful side effect of Jeremy’s experience at LiveUp.

The mentors that attend LiveUp are amazing and they, along with the Directors, have created an environment in which Jeremy can capitalize on his natural talents and not worry about what he cannot do.  It is a chance for him to try new experiences – like sailing or farming – that he may not have a chance to otherwise try and it is a safe environment in every way. 

Jeremy’s experience at LiveUp has helped him to mature and to accept who he is and to show the world his gifts.  His self confidence has grown – and, more importantly, his self awareness has grown.  As a parent, I could not be more grateful to the wonderful young people who make LiveUp work.  As I see the man my son has become, I am quite proud of him and I know that his experiences at LiveUp have played a big role in his growth.


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