A Moment for Fashion, with Participant Brittany!

Program director Jamie with Brittany, looking super chic, before the dinner/dance Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Program director Jamie with Brittany, looking super chic, before the dinner/dance Memorial Day Weekend 2012

You can probably tell by our past blog posts that one of the many things we all look forward to at LiveUp is the dinner/dance! We dress up and everyone has a great time! But what to wear? Let’s turn to our resident fashion expert Brittany, who is joining us this weekend! Brittany has some words of wisdom about fashion and style:

Today I wore a red, orange and yellow sundress with a short red jacket over it and red shoes, to my Day Hab program here on Long Island. There was no special reason why I got so dressed today, but looking my best makes me feel pretty. Everyone has their own sense of style that makes them happy. You should wear what makes you feel good, whatever that is! The elements that make up my style include the colors black and red, and yellow and white. I also wear a lot of cheetah prints, hats, and scarves of all colors. Large sunglasses complete my look!

Black and red are my favorite colors. I love them because they remind me of my favorite TV show, “Glee”. Black and red are the colors of the Warblers, the singing group of Dalton Academy. I would love to go there, but it is on TV and it is an all boy’s school!!The jackets they wore were black with red piping, and they looked amazing. Their mascot, Pavarotti, was a canary and my second favorite colors, yellow and white, come from his feathers. My favorite sundress is yellow and white and I wore it all summer.

I love cheetah prints. I have cheetah shirts, cheetah pajamas, a cheetah hat and pocket book, cheetah sneakers and shoes and a million cheetah scarves! You have to be careful and not wear all the cheetah together because sometimes the prints are not the same. You should wear only one or two cheetah pieces each day. And remember, cheetah goes well with black and red, too.

I hardly ever leave the house without a scarf. People think that scarves are only for cold weather, but I have a ton of scarves in all different colors and styles for all four seasons of the year. My favorite scarf is black and red with stars all over it. My brother’s best friend gave it to me one Christmas because he said I was a star! People think that you can’t wear scarves in the summer, but they sell summer colors that are light and floaty. I’m happy that the fall is coming so I can take out all of my cold weather scarves and match them to my outfits.

I also have a whole lot of hats that I add to my outfits. My favorites are my newsies caps in many colors, my red and beige straw fedoras, and my cheetah hat. I also wear my favorite cousin’s cap from SUNY Plattsburg, my Long Island Lizards lacrosse team cap and my Pittsburg Steelers cap. The Steelers are my dad’s and my favorite football team. We watched them win the Super Bowl on TV. It is important to remember that you can wear any hat with your hair down, but baseball caps look the best when you put your hair in a pony tail and stick it out the hole in the back.

My collection of sunglasses in red and white with bling complete my outfits all year round.

You don’t have to get dressed up to have a sense of style, just wear what you like and what makes you feel good!


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