Why do we love LiveUp?

Laura and her participant Monica

Laura and her participant Monica

Laura has been a member of the LiveUp family since the very start! We’re so excited for LiveUp DC…and we know Laura is too! We asked her to share her story:

When asked why I’m looking forward to LiveUp, tons of thoughts come rushing into my head: seeing old friends, making new ones, spending time with people who inspire me and help me to become a better person, being a mentor, learning new skills (such as acting, cooking, or maybe even constructing another picnic table!), and most of all because it’s one of the BEST weekends of my life.

But what makes LiveUp the best weekend ever? It’s not simply connecting with old friends and meeting new ones. It’s creating life-long bonds with people who’ve seen you at your best and helped you overcome your worst. It’s staying up late to hear another story, even when you know you shouldn’t. It’s wearing neon sunglasses and learning crazy dance moves from your roommates. It’s the contagious smiles and the laughter; it’s the cheers from an encouraging friend and the ”Yes!” you overhear after someone accomplishes a goal. It’s knowing that you’re making a difference in someone’s life. It’s knowing that a group of people who were once strangers have suddenly changed your life forever.

At each program, LiveUp brings together a group of people who quickly become a family. LiveUp helps to foster independence and life skills for young adults with Down syndrome, while those same young adults teach their roommates the virtues of patience, understanding, and most of all, the importance of positivity. LiveUp helps bring out the very best qualities in people, those same qualities we work towards showcasing every day as we look forward to the next LiveUp program!


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