John’s Declaration of Independence

John and his roommate David during LiveUp Philly

John and his roommate David during LiveUp Philly

As you’ve read from past posts, LiveUp Programs are an incredibly meaningful experience for everyone involved – staff and participants.  John participated in LiveUp for the first time this past Memorial Weekend, and he wants to share his personal “Declaration of Independence.”

John’s Declaration of Independence 

It’s important to me that no one says the “R” word.

On LiveUp Programs, I liked going to Philadelphia.  We learned the history, and we write the history.

I am new in this program and I feel like I am in a new family of adults with disabilities. 

I have gotten better at living on my own, and travel training.  I have taken buses, learned about money skills and know more about the history of Philadelphia.  I ran up the Rocky steps!! I even have a new name – John Philadelphia Patrick Thomas.

I feel like a young adult, so don’t use the “R” word for John Thomas.  I want to become stronger and more buff.  I want to make healthy food choices and exercise all the time. And that’s the disability John Thomas kind of way! 

David is funny – he is my awesome man and roommate.

With this document and after this fantastic weekend in Philadelphia, we bring history a few more names.  We declare our freedom and independence for our lives.

PS – The “R” word has been transformed into respect and responsibility.  


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