Nurse Richard and his friend Matt at LiveUp Philly!

Matt at LiveUp PhillyWe had an amazing time in this past weekend in Philly! Be sure to check out the pictures! Our favorite nurse – Nurse Richard – shares his experience from the weekend with his friend Matt!

My name is Richard Durante and I have been the camp nurse with LiveUp Programs since its founding in 2011. I always love to gush about how much I enjoy spending my time here. There is so much joy and happiness and…I mean this is my utopia, the perfect bubble of what is right with the world. But, I digress, this post is not about me, this is about my friend Matt Funicello.

Matt has been participating in numerous programs and is no stranger to this atmosphere. So, why did I single Matt out? Every morning when I hand out meds, Matt walks up to me with that sly smile of his and puts out his fist, awaiting a fist bump back, and happily questions: “What’s up my man?” Matt is the epitome of a happy person, I honestly can’t remember a time where he’s not dancing to music, happily strolling around, or just trying to have some fun.

So, who is Matt Funicello? Well, his favorite movie is Sucker Punch because he thinks that the action scenes are awesome. If you take Matt out to dinner, he enjoys sushi and says he is a master with chopsticks. His favorite color is white, similar to the white LiveUp t-shirt he can’t wait to wash and wear again. He also enjoys watching and playing baseball. As for aspirations, well, Matt wants to be an actor, and he’s well on his way, he is one of the few people who can make me laugh. To be an actor, he also wants to learn more about exercising, probably to get fit for those amazing action scenes he will wind up starring in. Of course, he will be driven in his own personal black limo (his favorite car) and possibly enjoying a slice of carrot cake (his favorite thing to make). Again, these are just things Matt likes, not what defines him. Matt is just your regular down to earth guy with big dreams and a bigger heart.

Want to get to know Matt, and amazing people like Matt? Come join us at LiveUp programs. You can have a once in a lifetime experience and enjoy Matt’s favorite part of the program – having fun.


2 thoughts on “Nurse Richard and his friend Matt at LiveUp Philly!

  1. What a great article about LiveUp and Matt!! Thanks Nurse Richard for taking the time to write about the great weekend you all had!

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