A Super Saturday in Philly!

In front of Independence HallWe had a great time at Philly’s Magic Gardens, but we had to continue on with our day. We boarded the bus and headed towards Old City, where we had an enjoyable lunch in Washington Square. We ate the sandwiches we made the night before and played a few games to work out our full stomachs.
Before we knew it, it was time to meet Mark, our gracious and smart walking tour guide. He took us around to see some historic sites, like Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. He made sure to tell us that what we thought for a fact was Betsy Ross’ house is actually a verified fact.
Then it was time to relax our minds and watch some baseball. We made our way to Camden for the Sharks game, where we were given the opportunity to welcome the sharks onto the field through a high-fiving, fan tunnel. All our participants really enjoyed this. Before we knew it, it was late and the sun was going down. Need to save up some energy and sleep so we are fresh for tomorrow!
For more photo check out our album on our Facebook page:  LiveUp Philly Saturday 05.25.2013
Ryan getting ready to take the field!

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