Weekly Roundup

Sarah Shaffer practicing yoga. image via US News and Health

Happy Friday! There is so much amazing and interesting content out there. Obviously we can’t include all of them, so we’re rounding up a few of our favorite articles and posts from the week. Let us know of any other articles we missed in the comments!

It’s the time of year for TV season finales, but we are looking forward to TV this fall – ABC and NBC will have new TV shows that feature a main character with disabilitiesDisability Scoop  shares the story: “I anticipate that these characters will open a window into the everyday realities of people with disabilities, and help shift public perceptions about our capacity to live, work and raise a family just like everyone else” said Mark Perriello, president and CEO of the American Association of People with Disabilities.

No matter which baseball team is your favorite, I think we can all get behind Stan Bronson Jr., who has been the batboy for the University of Memphis Tigers for 55 years! Be sure to take a look at his amazing story!

We mentioned we’ll be doing Yoga at LiveUp Philly, Sarah Shaffer, a high school senior with Down syndrome, loves doing yoga. Her advice to people:  “Do the same video every day until you get good at it. Keep doing yoga, even if it’s hard. It gets better the more you work at it. And you will feel so good after you’re done.” Thanks to US News and World Report for sharing!

And our favorite piece of news…In just 1 week, staff and participants will be heading to Philly for the BEST MEMORIAL DAY EVER! We’re so excited to kick off this year’s LiveUp programs. For all of you who can’t join us, be sure to check the blog and facebook page to get a glimpse of the fun!


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