Weekly Roundup

Happy Friday! There is so much amazing and interesting content out there. Obviously we can’t include all of them, so we’re rounding up a few of our favorite articles and posts from the week. Let us know of any other articles we missed in the comments!

Karen Gaffney, PhD recipient at the University of Portland

Karen Gaffney, PhD recipient at the University of Portland

It’s prom season! The limo! The dress! The corsage! and of course, Prom Court! Northeast High School voted Victoria Hill, a 20-year-old senior with Down syndrome, as Prom Queen! Be sure to read her story!

Karen Gaffney received a doctor of humane letters from the University of Portland! Karen has accomplished amazing things: receiving a PhD, being the first person with Down syndrome to swim the English Channel, and providing support to others in the Down syndrome community. She says “Do your very best, don’t give up on yourself, and people without down syndrome, do your very best as well,” she said. “And always think positive about yourself, and don’t ever feel down about anything.” Read more about Karen’s amazing story.

This sounds like an amazing festival – wish we could be there with everyone! The Body of Work Festival in Chicago is an amazing opportunity for people to share their poetry, visual art, dancing, film, and more. “‘We want people to think about disability outside the tired cliche of the inspirational, tragic, overcoming narrative,’ [says Carrie Sandahl, the director of the festival and a professor in the department of disability and human development at the University of Illinois-Chicago.] ‘Disability art and culture is identity-based. It’s about different sources of creativity rather than something to overcome. We want people to get the sense that they’re seeing cutting-edge professional work.'” Read more here.

Have a great weekend! The Memorial Day program is just around the corner, so stay tuned!


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