Meet LiveUp San Diego Program Director Raj Bhandari!

Raj with participant Kevin at last year's Labor Day program in DC

Raj with participant Kevin at last year’s Labor Day program in DC

Live Up to me is a group of people to come together to provide an educational adventure for all participants and mentors. I’m involved because I love seeing the participants and mentors experience the joy of being in a tight knit community. 

Everyone is playing a role. Some people use their vacation days, some are working year around to get the best deals possible to keep costs low for participants, and some help support the program financially. This is one of the most effective and meaningful ways you can spend your dollars to help the people around you – helping keep fees as low as we can so that our programs are accessible to everyone. We make sure we stretch every dollar we can – we even try to find partners to donate our snacks! Everyone who helps support the programs is responsible for literally changing the lives of participants, mentors, and families across the country.

It doesn’t take a lot to help. Donations can be made online and 100% of your donation goes towards helping pay for program activities or supporting a scholarship for a participant. You can start small and help us spread the word about LiveUp by following us on twitter or liking us on Facebook.

I hope you can join our community and support for LiveUp, an amazing program that has been part of my life for years.


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