Help the LiveUp family grow

We’ve shared Jenna’s story  and participant Melissa’s story, (and we have more coming your way) and it’s clear that to everyone involved with LiveUp, this is more than a program. We are a family. We bond, support each other, and learn from one another over our long weekends together. We’re so excited that our program has expanded to 3 cities across the country.

I volunteered as program photographer last Labor Day weekend, but it wasn’t until recently – when I began helping with the blog and social media – that I learned just how much goes in to planning these weekends. Everyone involved gives it their all: the founders, the directors, and all the volunteers. But the LiveUp family extends beyond the staff on site. We are a 100% all volunteer organization, and we know these programs would not be possible without all the support we’ve gotten from our friends and the community.

Sweepstakes prize

Sweepstakes prize

Today we officially kick off our fundraising campaign. We hope you will help support our programming. Donations can be made online. 100% of your donation goes towards helping pay for program activities or supporting a scholarship for a participant.

It doesn’t take a lot to support us – start small and like us on Facebook. When you do, you can click on our Giveaway tab and enter our sweepstakes for a chance to win a LiveUp Program necklace or key chain made specially for us by Michelle at You can also purchase this piece from her etsy shop. Michelle so generously made this piece to help with our fundraising campaign –  30% of the sales will be donated to LiveUp Programs.

We hope you’ll consider joining us in whatever way you can!


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