Meet LiveUp Participant Melissa!

Melissa (right) with LiveUp Philadelphia co-director Kerri

Today’s post comes from LiveUp Programs participant Melissa Mann! Take it away Melissa…

Hello everyone, my name is Melissa Mann. I just got accepted to the LiveUp Program in Philadelphia. Last year I had a great experience in Washington DC at Pals Tours which will be similar to this program that I will be attending on Memorial Day Weekend. In Washington, I attended lots of activities like going to museums, the Lincoln Monument and passing by the White House. I learned some history of Washington DC. We went to the Firestation Restaurant and had buffet style dinner and after we had a dance. I met lots of new friends and learned to interact with them.

This year I am looking forward to meeting more new people, continuing to practice my independence and learn new things. I also want to do some new activities and learn about Philadelphia and its history. I can’t wait to meet my roommates and mentors. I am looking forward to seeing [program directors] Kerri and Rachael again. Thanks to [co-founders] Jenna and Brian for their efforts in making this happen for all of us.


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