Weekly Round-up

Happy Friday! There is so much amazing and interesting content out there. Obviously we can’t include all of them, so we’re rounding up a few of our favorite articles and posts from the week. Let us know of any other articles we missed in the comments!

This post on Love That Max talks about spreading awareness, especially in light on World Autism Awareness Day on April 2. Her awesome message: “Our kids may have autism, cerebral palsy or any number of other diagnoses. But ultimately, their special needs do not define who they are. Our kids kick butt. And, as their mamas, so do we. Let’s keep right on spreading the word, today and every day.” Check out the full post here.

Take a look at 4-year-old Olivia’s dance moves! Olivia is the only child in the class with Down syndrome. Her teacher, Mary Ingersoll, was presented with the “Commitment to Excellence award in honor of World Down Syndrome Day, which took place March 21. The award, given by the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City, recognizes teachers, friends and loved ones who work with individuals with Down sykeep calmndrome.” You can read the full story here.

This shirt isn’t new, but we can’t get enough of it!  Look at this great picture @carolineplayle tweeted.  Remember, Keep Calm, It’s Only and Extra Chromosome!

We also want to give a shout-out to Michelle Slape, who runs DesignsByMrs etsy shop. Not only is everything on her shop beautiful, her jewelery celebrates kids with Down syndrome (and their parents). AND a portion of proceeds go to Down syndrome organizations. Talk about guilt free shopping!

Let’s start the weekend off with an incredible story: Eli Reimer is the first American teen with Down syndrome to reach base camp on Mount Everest! He climbed to raise money The Elisha Foundation, which offers professional and educational support to families with special-needs children. Read more about it (and watch a great video) here.

Have a great weekend!


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